Supporting Mothers Through Birth & Beyond

With a skilled and nurturing team, Gentle Soul Doula brings years of experience and expertise in providing exceptional support and guidance throughout the entire birthing process.

At Gentle Soul Doula, our motivation stems from a deep commitment to creating a safe and comforting environment for mothers, where they feel heard, respected, and deeply cared for.

Having served a diverse range of clients in New Jersey, Gentle Soul Doula is dedicated to empowering mothers and ensuring they have a positive and memorable birthing experience.

Doulas offer essential emotional support during labor, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress, ultimately shortening the duration of labor. Women who have the presence of a doula during childbirth often experience heightened confidence and a greater sense of control over their birthing experience. Given that labor can present medical risks and potential complications, the reassuring presence and guidance of a doula can significantly contribute to a smoother and more empowering birthing process.

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Our Core Values

Explore the values that drive Gentle Soul Doula to provide exceptional care and support to every mother in need.


We lead with compassion, ensuring that every mother feels supported, understood, and empowered throughout her childbirth journey.


We believe in empowering mothers to make informed choices, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to feel confident and in control.

Holistic Care

We are committed to holistic well-being by offering a range of services that nurture the physical, emotional, and mental health of mothers before and after childbirth.

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